Your Subject My Focus Photography Studio: Blog en-us Your Subject My Focus (Your Subject My Focus Photography Studio) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Your Subject My Focus Photography Studio: Blog 80 120 How To Get Ready For An Engagement Shoot Trying to figure out what to wear from day-to- day can be
frustrating, let alone finding something to wear for a photo shoot.
Your outfits will dictate how comfortable and natural you and
your fiancé will look together. We put together a few tips that you
can go through when deciding what to wear for your engagement

1. Dress like yourself. You want to wear something that feels like
you, whether that is jeans and a t-shirt, something sporty, or
something more on the formal side. Your outfit will set the mood
and influence how your photographer will shoot you within the
context of your location.

2. Dress comfortable. The more relaxed and natural you are in
your clothes the better you will look & feel during your shoot.
Wear something that is easy to move around in and that fits you

3. Don't be afraid to wear bold colours or throw in a fun
accessory or prop. You don't have to limit yourself to jewelry; you
can use anything from pets to signs, anything that can add visual

4. Compliment each other. You don't want to look like twins
because you aren't. You can compliment your partner's outfit by
picking subtle colour combinations that compliment each other.
This will make it easier to find light that will flatter both of you.

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Getting Engaged! Getting engaged is a wonderful time in your life. It represents the beginning of a great journey for you and your fiancé, one filled with an assortment of emotions and landmarks for you as a couple. In the short term it probably means your wedding date is just around the corner and life is going to get a little bit crazy for a bit. Your photographs don't have to be one of the many things that you have worrying in the back of your mind, let us take that burden away. We will guide you through the entire process and you will get to show everyone how great you look together.



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